JUNE 29th >The FUTURE is OURS- a workshop about connection

JUNE 29th >The FUTURE is OURS- a workshop about connection

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The FUTURE is OURS -- a workshop about connection.

For the past three years, I have been creating my own yardage from other textile artists' scraps in order to keep them out of a landfill and to celebrate their uniqueness. During this time I have come to appreciate the secret language that each piece of textile speaks, and the personal stories that each represents. Birth, death, memory, hope, joy; these are the finer things which exist between the weave of each scrap, and which continue to live on even when the garment it came from has been tossed aside.

The FUTURE is OURS is a community sewing workshop which will empower students to breathe new life into their old woven textiles in the creation of their own unique collaged pillow cover. Over the course of two days, students enrolled in The FUTURE is OURS will follow step-by-step demonstrations about the anatomy of woven textiles, the specifics of sewing different types of textiles together, and the precise craft of piecing of woven swatches to create a throw pillow cover of their own design. These skills, once learned, will open the student up to a world of creative possibilities and personal satisfaction.

The FUTURE is OURS will be a communal atmosphere, and will include ongoing discussions about the personal nature of sewing, about the items brought to this workshop, and about sewing's unique ability to reinvigorate our homes, our lives, and our community.

WHO: This is an intermediate level workshop. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of sewing with a machine. At this time there is not time allotted for machine and bobbin threading demos.

WHEN: SAT. JUNE 29th, 10:00 - 3:00PM

WHERE: 2711 Troost Ave


-Catered Lunch with tea in the afternoon.

-One 20x20 Pillow cushion in either synthetic or 100% cotton/ duck feathers


-Woven Textiles like garments (no knits like t-shirts please), linens, bolts of fabric, etc. If you have any questions about what is suitable please email me: hadleyanneclark@gmail.com

-Sewing machine -----Students will need to provide their own machine. *Although, we do have a few machines available for rent ($25/day). Please make a note in your order if you do need to reserve a machine.

-Notions like scissors, thread, bobbins, seamripper (a minimal supply list will be sent upon Deposit).


*To hold your spot make the $50 Deposit (non-refundable) today. The remaining $75 balance will be due at the first day of class. You are also able to pay the full $125 payment which includes the $50 deposit.

*WORKSHOP is capped at 8 students*

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